I’ve tried a few solid shampoo bars from other places and they’ve had pretty much the same chemical/detergent ingredients that the bottled shampoo contains. This shampoo bar is very different! No harsh chemicals, no colorants, no fragrances added just to make it smell like something it’s not. The special formula in this shampoo is made with pure ingredients and as many organic items as possible. Loaded with plant proteins, beneficial oils and butters as well as essential oils that will not just clean your hair and scalp, but will help promote healthy growth and softness. You’ll find you need very little short to medium length hair lasts about 3 weeks (or more).  conditioner (if you need it at all!) after just a few days of using this wonderful shampoo bar. While there is no added fragrances, the shampoo has a clean herbal scent created naturally by the contents of the bar itself. One bar, used daily by 2 people with 

Herbal Shampoo Bar