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The Many Uses of the Solid Lotion Bar

When I first made the solid lotion bar, my goal was to try and alleviate my painful dry skin problem. My hands were so dry, they were cracked, bleeding in some places, and felt like sand paper. Two days after using the lotion bar, things were greatly improved!! The next batch I made, I added a few more beneficial oils and loved it! The next batch I added a couple more ingredients and knew I had something great in my hands! The solid lotion bar is, well, solid at room temperature. However, it will melt easily at body temperature. Place the bar in the palm of your hands, then rub your hands together. You don't need much!

There are many uses for the solid lotion bar, below are just a few of my favorites....

Before bed

I like to apply a heavier amount at bedtime, let things work overnight. I'll wash and dry my hands as usual, then I'll take my lotion bar and hold it in my hands to get it warm. The heat from my hands melts enough of the bar and I'll rub it into my hands like any other lotion. It is important to note that your hands WILL feel greasy after applying the lotion. Rub it in paying particular attention to your cuticles and the driest areas. After three or four minutes, the lotion will soak into your skin and your hands will feel wonderful!

After a Shower

While your skin is still warm from the shower (or bath), rub the lotion bar in your palms, then rub into your skin like you would any other lotion. Your whole body will feel wonderfully moisturized all day!


To be honest, I haven't used conditioner in my hair for months now. I wash it with my favorite shampoo, rinse it really well and towel dry to start. After a couple blasts with the blow dryer, I take the lotion bar in my hands, rub a little bit into my palms, and then quickly run my fingers through my hair. There is no more static, my hair feels soft and looks silky smooth. Some of the girls from my husband's doctor's office absolutely love how this makes their hair feel!

Mani Pedi

This is almost the best cuticle cream I've ever used! I also make a cuticle cream using this recipe (tweaking some of the ingredients to make it even better for your nails), but you can certainly use this formula as well! My husband swears by this lotion for his feet. He had uncomfortably dry, cracked heels. Less than 2 weeks of daily use after his shower and all the cracks are gone! He says his feet have never felt so good :)

Lip Balm

I have had dry, chapped lips pretty much my whole life. At any given time, you could find half a dozen tubes of lip balm within arms reach. Since I've been using this solid lotion bar as lip balm, my chapped lips problem has all but disappeared! I love the little tins for keeping the lotion bar clean and dry. It also makes it easy to carry one with me all the time without making a mess of my pockets :)

Let me know your favorite use for the solid lotion bar!

Have a great day!


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