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Sugar Scrubs : "Is that candy? It looks good enough to take a bite!"

This is a question I've gotten a few times and my great-niece can tell you - "this candy tastes like soap!"

So what are sugar scrubs? Well, they are an awesome exfoliating, one-time use soap. I make mine rather large, so I guess you can say its 2-time use! They're made with detergent-free glycerin soap, shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E oil and sugar. They start out as a liquid and solidify over time. I also add scent and color to some of them, although I do have color-free and unscented, too.

I use my sugar scrubs once or twice a week, usually at night before I go to bed. The glycerin soap cleans well, the sugar exfoliates and the oils and butters left behind soften your skin.


I keep mine in the jar and near the sink.

There are 6 cubes in a jar and as I mentioned earlier, I make them larger than usual so you can get two uses out of each cube. Looks like I'm just about out!

Pinch the cube in the middle to break it apart and put the other half back in the jar. These are solid, but they're soft enough to break.

Using your other hand, take your thumb and smoosh it down (that's a technical term, smoosh) into a blob (another technical term) in your palm until it sort of looks like bubble gum.

Add a little water to your blob and make a paste.

Rub your hands together and wash really well. I tend to take my time and be really thorough, I want to give those oils and butters a chance to really soak in, and the scrubbiness of the sugar in the paste feels really nice.

Don't let the fact that there aren't any bubbles fool you, this is a very cleansing product! Its going to look more creamy than anything.

At this point I add a little more water and keep washing my hands. You don't have to take this long, I just really like how this feels.

When you're done washing, just run your hands under the warm water, it all rinses off easily and quickly.

I like to do this procedure before I go to bed. After drying off my hands, they feel so smooth, so soft! For some extra moisturizing, I follow this up with an application of lotion from my 'Luxury Lotion Bar'. My hands feel amazing!!

So that's my recommendation on how to use the Sugar Scrubs! And trust me, they don't taste as good as they look, right Aivree?? 💖

Sugar Scrubs are on sale this month (June 2017) in the Boutique! If you have a favorite fragrance, I can probably make you some, just let me know! Use the email form on my home page and drop me a note.

Have a great day, everyone!!


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